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We offer a holistic medical–complementary health approach to disease prevention, management and anti-ageing therapy.


At ALT Med Clinic, we take pride in providing our full range of medical and health treatments to patients of all backgrounds.


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ALTMEDCARE is the first of its kind health centre in Pretoria modeled on the best in the world German Integrative Medicine health and cancer clinics, and dedicated specifically to the extension of life span and the enhancement of quality of life.

This is achieved by adopting a multidisciplinary, holistic medical–complementary health approach to disease prevention, management and anti-ageing therapy.


Because we offer the most comprehensive integrative medicine treatment programs in South Africa and we have the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment equipment with a 7 year track record of success.

  • Kay May Avatar
    Kay May

    You guys totally rock!! Phew yesterday I did not even feel like I was at a clinic ��

    Your nature, service & everything deserves to be applauded!! Looking extremely forward to beginning my treatments! Thank you all so much for... read more

    Joliza Nothnagel Avatar
    Joliza Nothnagel

    Getting up everyday! ...and feeling better!!! Thank you for all the care and support thank you!

    Linda Van Niekerk Avatar
    Linda Van Niekerk

    Seeing my husband getting better day by day, week by week from stage 4 primary liver cancer. Medical doctors gave him three months, we are now in our seventh month.Thank you so much for your input. With you and the... read more

  • Diana van Sittert Avatar
    Diana van Sittert

    I absolutely love the vision they have for integrative medicine

    Very forward thinking and much needed in today's lifestyles

    Debby Pinckney Townsend Avatar
    Debby Pinckney Townsend

    What a wonderful place, filled with wonderful people. You guys rock!

    Marilou Corver Avatar
    Marilou Corver

    The care and positive approach to their clients/patients as well as the medicine and lifeskills they provide. Positive testimonies of patients

  • Tanya Lewis Avatar
    Tanya Lewis

    Best natural healing available with a VERY high success rate and most caring and staff ever!

    Estelle Graaff Avatar
    Estelle Graaff

    ... everything ... the best place in the world to be ....

    Marilou Corver Avatar
    Marilou Corver

    Positive approach friendly people and very good alternative medical care

  • Ros Saunders Hefer Avatar
    Ros Saunders Hefer

    the drs have helped me tremendously back on the road to feeling better after 2 years of battling with a autoimmune illness. Natural meds way to go. They are all very caring and friendly

    Olivia Grant Avatar
    Olivia Grant

    The Best doctors! The only doctors who could help me! Saved me! Thank you!


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