LXM Foundation

Giving Hope and Extending life

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation – “Giving Hope and Extending Life”, had its conceptual beginning and roots in the Life Extension Medical Centre (LXM Centre) in Lynnwood Manor, in Pretoria, in 2010.

What defined and distinguished the LXM Centre from all, or most, other medical centres in South Africa and on the continent of Africa, is the fact that the medical centre was specifically set up to provide hope and a second chance to people suffering from killer and extremely debilitating diseases, where they were given a “death sentence” by being told that there was no further medical treatment available, or their medical treatment had failed and the patient was either sent home to die, or referred to a hospice, or told that they would have to live with their chronic disorder, as well as the pain and suffering, for the rest of their life.

Dr Phillips established a new company and medical centre to replace the original Life Extension Medical Centre and the Advanced Life Therapies Medical Care Centre was born, in Pretoria East.  These doctors work twelve hour days to provide hope and a second chance for patients with terminal diseases and severely debilitating chronic diseases, to ease their pain and suffering and if they cannot help cure them, or bring about complete remission, then extend their life span with quality, allowing them to enjoy more time with their families and loved ones, or to be able to extend their working life to bring money and food back home for their families.

The ALTMEDCARE Medical Centre has many success stories, despite the fact that many of the patients were told that they cannot be cured.  The Medical Centre has treated patients from all walks of life and many countries throughout Africa and worldwide, for example, England, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Canada and the USA.

The LXM (Life Extension Medicine) Humanitarian Foundation was established by Dr Phillips and Ms Melanie Taylor in 2014, as a means to assist the hundreds and indeed thousands of unfortunate individuals who suffer from a terminal disease or severely debilitating chronic disease, by giving them hope and an opportunity to be healed, or to improve their chronic condition, or to extend their life with quality and dignity.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation is governed by Dr Phillips.  They also work in and for, the ALTMEDCARE INTERNATIONAL Medical Centre, together with other totally dedicated staff members.  The LXM HF has not been funded by anyone else except the founders, who are not financially resourced enough to pay for all the patients who cannot afford some or all of the treatment programs. These patients desperately seek the help and financial assistance of philanthropic and benevolent individuals, organizations, charities, churches and corporations.

Donated funds, no matter how small or large, will be used to pay for the treatment programs.  A patient’s treatment program can range from R5,000 – R15,000 per week and the average length of treatment is 4 – 12 weeks.  If patients respond well to treatment, for example, remission, marked improvement or stabilization of their condition, then they enter the maintenance and monitoring phase of the treatment program where they come once a week or once a month for treatment and assessments, or they continue with treatment in their home towns. Donor funding will also be used for research and the development of medical devices which may assist with the treatment of these life threatening and debilitating diseases.


The Board and Committee will be responsible for assessing and vetting each candidate who has a terminal, life threatening or incurable chronic disease, to determine if they qualify for financial support for the treatment program at the Advanced Life Therapies Care International Medical Centre in Pretoria East, because of their indigent status, or inability to pay in full or part, of the essential treatment program.

LXM Humanitarian Foundation Board

Services and Duties:

Dr S W Gunn

  • Chairperson of the Board
  • Medical Doctor in charge of the Medical and Integrative Medicine treatment programs
  • Medical and Scientific Consultant for research and development

Dr B Phillips

  • Director
  • Health Care Practitioner in charge of Complementary Medical treatment programs
  • Administrative Duties
  • Biotechnology and IT Consultant for research and development

Mr S Mfayela

  • Marketing (Corporate, Government, NGO’s, Churches, Private)
  • Fundraising

Mr Thomas Bartleman (Accountant)

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Officer
  • Corporate Governance Officer

Sources of Financial Support

At present there is no external financial support.  The only financial support is internal, supplied by the founder members Dr Steven Gunn and Dr Bret Phillips.

The LXM Humanitarian Foundation is registered with CIPC and has an ABSA Bank account. The Board and Committee of LXM Humanitarian Foundation are currently  embarking upon an awareness and marketing program aimed at wealthy benevolent individuals, corporates, NGO’s, government, churches, charities and other organisations, to raise funds for the severely ill candidates treatments.  Organisations that have already shown interest in supporting the LXM Humanitarian Foundation include foreign embassies, private companies and private individuals.

Distribution of Assets upon dissolution of the LXM Humanitarian Foundation.

Upon the dissolution of the LXM Humanitarian Foundation, the assets will be transferred to a benevolent Trust which will donate the money to a Medical Research company, Institute or organisation specialising in cancer or serious chronic disease treatment, researching all possibilities and methodologies of treatment.

Donors, funders and patients to be sponsored are welcome to visit the ADVANCED LIFE THERAPIES MEDICAL CARE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE in Pretoria East.

Thank you

Yours sincerely in hope, health and quality of life extension.


CIPC Registration No. 2014/158072/08

LXM Humanitarian Foundation NPC
ABSA Bank Account
Account No. 40-8494-8082



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