Our Background

Our Business

ALTMEDCARE (Pty)Ltd. is a new, innovative and pioneering healthcare-based company, focusing on the medical, sports and wellness industry (Integrative Health) – the new trillion dollar industry.

The company is unique and a first of its kind supplier of products and services in these markets based on the integration of conventional (Western) medicine, and complementary medical healthcare, science and technology.

ALTMEDCARE’s business model is based on rendering a regional and eventually national exclusive integrative healthcare management service, via medical-wellness centres in South Africa, Africa and worldwide.

Our Vision

To offer the first fully integrated medical – complementary health – wellness clinics in South Africa with advanced disease management and anti-ageing therapy facilities catering for the middle income to super wealthy and celebrity market.

To establish Wellness Spa – Medical Clinics globally which offer unique, superior, integrated medical and complementary health and wellness treatment services.

To be one of the largest suppliers of quality advanced electro-medical equipment and nutritional products as well as offering superior laboratory testing services to the medical, wellness and veterinary markets internationally.

Our Mission
ALTMEDCARE maintains the philosophy that holistic, integrated medical and complementary medical science and practice is the most sound method of providing effective preventative and total healthcare management.

This will be achieved, we believe, by establishing our ‘medicine of the future’ Healthcare Centres of Excellence and our Integrated Sports Performance facilities, throughout South Africa and internationally.



ALTMEDCARE International Clinic is the first of its kind health centre modeled on the best in the world German, UK, North American, Mexican and Asian Integrative Medicine health and cancer clinics, and dedicated specifically to the extension of life span and the enhancement of quality of life.

This is achieved by adopting a multidisciplinary, holistic, medical–complementary health approach to disease prevention, management and anti-ageing therapy.

The team consists of medical doctors, researchers,complementary- health practitioners, psychologists and educationists, counsellors, as well as sports and exercise experts and pharmacology, integrative medicine and bio-electronic engineering consultants.

The advice and treatment offered at ALTMEDCARE is completely professional and multi-disciplinary, and may be conducted in tandem or parallel with conventional medical treatment (e.g. surgery, chemo, radiation or hormone therapy).

If the patient requests not to undergo conventional medical treatment, but chooses instead (with informed consent) to use an integrative or alternative health treatment program, ALTMEDCARE offers such programs. Our approach to cancer management is the same as our approach to all diseases, that is, holistic and multi-disciplined.

It is imperative that the patient consults a medical doctor at ALTMEDCARE or elsewhere and undergoes the necessary medical investigations to determine the nature, location, type and staging of their disease (e.g. Blood tests, scans and biopsies). Once all the necessary tests and investigations have been completed, the health consultant prepares a treatment protocol especially designed for the patient. (Personal Program)

If the patient has already consulted a medical specialist, or undergone surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then the patient will be required to bring all the relevant information with them to ALTMEDCARE International Clinic.