Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Life Therapies Medical Care (PTY) LTD (ALTMEDCARE) and Integrative Medical Clinics (SA) are Wellness, Health and Integrative Medicine Companies focusing on disease prevention, holistic medical treatment, anti-ageing medicine, life extension in terminal diseases, mental performance and sports performance enhancement.

ALTMEDCARE is comprised of a general medicine practice, integrative medicine practice, natural health practice (CAM) and sports performance clinic, plus medical slimming.

You will need to make an appointment either telephonically, via sms, e-mail or fax. Bring all medical or complementary health information, records, tests and investigations reports with for the first consultation.

The first full consultation (approx. 60-90mins) includes a comprehensive medical, complementary health and life style questionnaire, as well as examination (if required), review of all reports and tests, and a Body Organs & Systems Bio-frequency ALTX Scan.

After the first consultation the patient will either receive treatment in the clinic, if required (e.g. for pain or fatigue) or will go for blood tests or investigations (e.g. Pathology Laboratory or X-Ray Department) at their earliest convenience.

The second (follow up) consultation (approximately 3-7 days later) involves a review of the blood or other tests results, as well as a discussion about the Personalized Treatment Program offered at the clinic.

ALTMEDCARE Treatment Programs run for 1 to 4 weeks at a time and the patients/clients progress is monitored every week and reevaluated at the end of the 4 week cycle. If more treatment is required the patient continues with the Program until they are healthy or in remission. A maintenance treatment program is then followed, for example, treatment once a month plus daily supplements and regular monitoring.

Treatment is comprehensive, holistic and integrative, that is, you will receive medical, nutritional, complementary health and advanced medical (high tech-biotech) treatment, lasting from 1-3 hours per day, and 1,2,3,4 or 5 times a week.

Please bring the following with you, when coming for treatment sessions:

  1. Reading material, or tablet / computer, and listening music CD or DVD movie
  2. Bathing suit (e.g. for Ozone Sauna, or Far Infrared Blanket)
  3. 2 x Towels
  4. Healthy food or snacks if needed (if treatment is of long duration)

Mineral water and Herbal tea or Health coffee will be provided by the clinic.

Yes, the clinic is located in a safe environment and has closed Circuit Surveillance TV of premises and an Armed Response security company on patrol.

If you’ve landed here and you are not sure where you would like to go, you can follow these quick links to help you get where you would like to go:

Here are your options:

  • Visit our brand new website – http://www.altmedcare.co.za/medical-care-clinic/
  • Visit our new Online Shop where you can view our new Food Supplement Care Range as well as buy your health products online – http://www.altmedcare.co.za/medical-care-clinic/online-shop/
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  • Visit our disorders treated page and see how we can help you – http://www.altmedcare.co.za/medical-care-clinic/disorders-treated/
  • Visit our therapies page and see the different therapies offered – http://www.altmedcare.co.za/medical-care-clinic/therapies/
  • Visit our treatments page and see the different treatments offered – http://www.altmedcare.co.za/medical-care-clinic/treatments/
  • Visit our contact page if you would like to book a consultation – http://www.altmedcare.co.za/medical-care-clinic/contact/

If you have any questions or need any help at all, please email us on info@altmedcare.co.za or give us a call on 012 991 1464 / 764.

ALTMEDCARE provides free shipping in South Africa for any order placed where the shippable products are over the value of R 1,500.00. Please bare in mind that normal shipping is charged at R 99.00 per delivery on average.

We work with a number of national couriers and courier brokers in order to find the best possible service to ship your items. If, however, your area is not covered by any of our carriers main services, or if you entered a PO Box address, the order will be sent using the post office.

Product orders are shipped “road freight” or comparable economy service and usually take 2 to 3 days to arrive.

We do not make use of public holiday, weekend, early bird or after hours services.

While we try to get the best possible service from our carriers, once the parcel leaves us, it’s largely out of our control, and there can sometimes be delays, especially around remote or outlying hubs.

ALTMEDCARE International Clinic in South Africa

Give us a call on 012 991 1464 / 764

International: +27 12 991 1464 / 764

Email us on info@altmedcare.co.za

Visit our website: www.altmedcare.co.za

Help Centre: 012 991 1464 / 764 or +27 12 991 1464 / 764 (International)

Physical Address:780 Petrick Avenue, Faerie Glen, Pretoria East

Directions: See Map or use GPS Coordinates

Postal Address: PO Box 700, Wapadrand, 0050, South Africa

ALTMEDCARE has a no return and no refund policy. Please inform the doctors of any allergies or sensitivities before purchasing any supplements.

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