Leaky Gut Syndrome Repair Pack – Subscription

Leaky Gut Syndrome Repair Pack – Subscription

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The AMC Leaky Gut Repair Pack has been specially formulated to help repair a ‘Leaky Gut’ or bowel disorders associated with inflammation, pain, bloating and poor digestion. The ingredients include L-glutamine, probiotics and digestive enzymes. These ingredients have been shown to assist with the repair of the lining of the gut (intestines), promotion of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract and an increase in the absorption of nutrients from food in the small intestine. Excess acidity, smoking, alcohol, gluten, antibiotics, food allergies, a lack of digestive enzymes, low levels of ‘good bacteria’ have all been shown to cause gut and general inflammation, bowel damage, pain, cramps, bloating, constipation, or diarrhoea and a ‘Leaky Gut’. The products in this pack promote the healthy digestion of food and help repair the damage caused by a ‘Leaky Gut’.

If you are experiencing these symptoms in combination you could be suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome,  if you have not seen a change with in the first month after using these products please schedule an appointment with our Doctors – Contact Us

R599.00 per month – includes FREE Delivery to your door

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