In our many years of operation, we have seen how too many people suffer from incorrect diagnosis and are burdened with “conventional” medicines that simply do not work – or make the problem worse.
When we say that ALTMEDCARE treats the person and not just the symptoms we really mean it. Here’s what some of our patients have to say.

Martilize du Preez
Patient of Drs Gunn and Phillips since 2007

My name is Martilize du Preez, and I was a patient of Dr Gunn & Dr Phillips for almost two years. 

I can still remember the first day I met them.  It was at the beginning of 2012.  I could barely walk, was as pale as a corpse and in unbearable pain.  I was weak beyond comprehension. 

My symptoms started in 2007 when my youngest boy was merely 2 years old.  I experienced fatigue in my muscles.  Inflammation and spasms in my muscles didn’t go away.  Doctors gave me injections and physiotherapy.  I went for acupuncture and even got all kinds of red lights and muscle massage machines.  My handbag became too heavy for me and some days I struggled to hold my pen to write as it got too heavy to lift? 

Doctor’s blamed stress and gave relaxants and anti-inflammatory injections and pain pills.  I have always been a very positive person and with strong faith, I can honestly say that I did not stress.  My symptoms improved when I was using homoeopathic medicine as conventional medicine brought no relief what so ever.  Eventually, the homoeopathic medicine did not help any more. 

Doctors did countless tests and sent me to all kinds of specialists but they all concluded that I was healthy according to their blood tests and it probably was all due to stress.  Even though they did not say it, they implied that it was all “in my head”.  Anti-depressants were the main answer conventional doctors could come up with.  Needless to say, I never used anti-depressants, not the sleeping pills they all prescribed.  Eventually, I stopped using the painkillers as well as they brought absolutely NO relief for the ever-growing pain and symptoms I felt. 

As time went by I became weaker, I experienced numbness in my muscles, needles and pins all over and extreme muscle fatigue.  It felt like my muscles were burning and in spasm whilst my bones were aching with icy cold pain.  Walking and driving became a growing concern as I developed bumps underneath my feet.  It felt like walking on steel balls, extremely painful and difficult.   But when you massage under my feet no one could feel any bumps?  As the years went by I eventually was unable to drive myself as I could not push the pedals and had difficulty turning the wheel. 

In December 2011 I was completely bedridden and by February 2012, my husband and parents were anticipating me just not waking up.  They even started planning my funeral.  Walking was a difficult and painful exercise and my brain increasingly did not tell my legs what to do.  Some days I could not walk at all, not because of pain but because of the inability to know how to.  At times I could not feed myself.  All the time I suffered unbearable pain, with the intensity of the pain my only relief.  The slightest breeze of air caused immense pain, so I was always covered up, regardless of it being summer or winter.  I could feel my veins, they wanted to burst at times.  By this time the last doctor we saw diagnosed me with leukaemia but the sonar of the lump in my neck did not support his theory.  We had no idea what was wrong with me and the medicine I was given was not working for pain or inflammation.  We lost all hope in modern doctors and modern medicine.  I was withering away in bed at home with my husband having to raise our two little boys and a business all on his own while taking care of me.  We had nowhere to go.

Dr Stefan Schoeman did a live blood analysis (LBA) that showed that I had an autoimmune disorder and thereafter referred me to Doctors Gunn and Phillips an integrative medicine doctor and integrative healthcare practitioner.  His wife was struggling with similar symptoms for the last seven years and he was unable to help her until he found Dr Gunn and Dr Phillips.  He showed me and told me that my blood was unhealthy, with low oxygen, my red blood cells were all shrivelled up and stuck to each other instead of being all plump and gliding over each other.  My white blood cells were also abnormal.  I had an autoimmune disorder with loads of parasites but low oxygen in my blood. 

March 2012 was the first time I went to see the Integrative Medicine Professionals Gunn and Phillips, they sat me down and asked questions no other doctors ever asked.  They wanted to figure out what was the cause of my symptoms and not only give medicine for them, they tried to establish a pattern in my disease. 

I could barely walk into the consulting rooms of ALTMEDCARE CLINIC in Pretoria by myself, my husband wanted to carry me, but I insisted on walking in.  Sitting in a waiting room was just about impossible in my state, so they had me lay down in the consulting room.   Immediately they started me on a drip and put earphones with audio sound frequency therapy on me.  I remember starting to cry involuntarily as I felt the relief of pain for the first time in so so long. 

Unlike any other doctors I had been to, they did something in a few minutes that no other doctors were able to do in the past 5 years.  They cared, listened and planned!  They were driven to find out what was wrong with me and more importantly, what would make me better.  Like all the other doctors, they sent me for blood tests.  Unlike all the other doctors, they requested specific tests that no one ever sent me for.  More in-depth tests.  It came back and confirmed I had an autoimmune disorder and I had the Epstein Barr virus, Coxsackie B4 and B6 viruses, Cytomegalo Virus, elevated Rheumatoid Factor, arterial inflammation and a whole list of other viruses I can’t remember.  The viruses attacked my nerve system, my brain, my organs, caused inflammation and my body was acidic.  Viruses can’t be cured but the body can be sustained, made strong to fight back and heal itself as opposed to other conventional reasoning of medicine where they only treat the symptoms. 

By the third appointment I had colour in my face again, but by the first appointment, we had hope. 

I always felt like a VIP patient, my wellbeing and needs were their main priority.  Not only did they always try to make me comfortable, but their interaction was always to learn more, analyse progress, introducing new treatments and thinking “outside the box”.  “No” is not in their vocabulary! 

Treatment included drips, plasma lights promoting healing and helping with pain, ozone treatment for the toxins in my body that increases pain and acidity, frequency treatment promoting healing, audio treatment that helped me relax and sleep (I never slept due to the pain), diet and supplements, reducing acid making me more alkaline, oxygen.  Oxygen was the only thing that brought relief for pain.  No one even suggested it in the past.  In the past, doctors gave pain medicine that burnt my stomach and is addictive, had nasty side effects, but most of all, medicine that did NOT WORK.  Now I had a wide variety of alternative treatments that showed the first positive results that I had seen in 5 years, since 2007.   I grew stronger and healthier. 

Nurses used to hurt me when they administered drips or had to draw blood, but not there.  Utmost care is given to ensure that you are always comfortable.  Hot bean bags and water were always on hand to make a drip effortless and compassionate care made drips pain-free. 

Interacting with so many patients at the ALTMEDCARE CLINIC on treatment with similar hopeless stories was just priceless.  Inspirational to say the least.  Giving hope and purpose to life and one’s situation.  Seeing people who were told that they had a set life expectancy, live past their “due dates” given by conventional doctors.  Patients who got sent away with their files in hand, as their doctors had nothing more to offer their patients, were making progress alongside me.  That was therapy in itself.  Many were healed and only came back to visit and show off their happy healthy new self.  The other doctors just didn’t have answers, they didn’t care or were not willing to think further than what they were taught in their textbooks. 

I grew stronger and pain got much better.  I got my life back little by little.  Though it was a slow route, conventional doctors had no route at all for me.  In April of 2016, a miracle occurred, and I was healed completely. 

I will forever be thankful for doctor’s Gunn and Phillips and precious Kyle the paramedic, who administered countless drips into me.  ALTMEDCARE’S passion, love, persistence and willingness to learn and improve and find answers, puts them on a pedestal high above any other health institute.   

Yours in health
Martilize du Preez

Annalize Peak
Mother of Martilize du Preez and patient of Drs Gunn and Phillips

We got to know this team of special people when all doctors and specialists said our daughter, Martilize, is in a serious condition and there is nothing they can do for her anymore. Well, this team of Dr Gunn, Dr Phillips and Kyle said they can help her to alleviate the worst pain!

Believe me, this is something they have done with great love and long-suffering to the last! With their assistance, our child could continue fighting until she was completely healed. Today she is a living miracle.

Subsequently I damaged 2 of my back vertebras and 1 neck vertebra. Neuro-specialists and neuro-surgeons warned us that surgery has a 50/50 chance that I will be totally paralyzed. Without expecting it, these two doctors assisted us again! For the whole of December 2016, they gave me priority attention. Dear Kyle the paramedic, came every day and treated me and almost every day, and gave me drips with the greatest compassion and patience.

When I went to the neurosurgeon for my follow-up consultation in January 2018, he was amazed, because there was a small amount of new bone that had formed in my back’s vertebra, which could only have been possible because of the treatment given by ALTMEDCARE CLINIC.

Needless to say: We decided against any surgery and would rather go to ALTMEDCARE’S doctors Dr Bret Phillips and Dr Steven Gunn for help!

You are a remarkable group of people!

Annalize Peak